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restore mdf to file = 'c:\users\ba\desktop\file\fileicesurveybypasserv306r.mdf', log = 'c:\users\ba\desktop\file\fileicesurveybypasserv306r.ldf' sql server operating system error: 12, severity: 20, state: 1. file c:\users\ba\desktop\file\fileicesurveybypasserv306r.ldf could not be opened. an error occurred while the pre-restore routine was running. sql server operating system error: 12, severity: 20, state: 1. a severe error occurred on the current command. the results, if any, should be discarded. a: first of all there are some issues in your question: in your connection string section, you specified dbf location but then you specified a mdf location. i.e. you should specify mdf-path and ldf-path together. second, dbf and mdf are the same file. and ldf is backup file. check the solution below. hope this helps. restore mdf to file = 'c:\users\ba\desktop\file\fileicesurveybypasserv306r.ldf' restore database [db_3] from disk = 'c:\db_3' with move 'db_3' to 'c:\users\ba\desktop\file\fileicesurveybypasserv306r.mdf', move 'db_3_log' to 'c:\users\ba\desktop\file\fileicesurveybypasserv306r.ldf' q: failure to start services after upgrade to debian 7.5 upgraded my server from debian 6.0 to debian 7.5. system is now running fine, but after the upgrade, the following services fail to start after reboot: dhcpd nfs-kernel-server root@server:# service dhcpd start /etc/init.d/dhcpd start: starting dhcp server.. [fail] ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0. root@server:# service nfs-kernel-server start /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start: starting nfs kernel daemon. [fail] dhcpd: unrecognized service ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0. root@server:# i've been debugging this for the last 2 days, but could not find any documentation on this behavior. i have 2 vlans, one (10.1.10.x/24) is 10.x.x/24 and the other (10.2.x/24 edit: both 10.x/24 and 10.


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