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Black Friday 2017 Best Buy Tv

The P Series is Vizio's best 2017 TV series, offering up 4K resolution, HDR compatibility, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos functionality, and a simple little smart platform. You can get the 55-inch model at Wal-Mart right now for less than $900, which is yet another crazy good deal.

black friday 2017 best buy tv

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As we said earlier, these are just some of the best Black Friday 2017 big screen TV deals you can get this week. For even more deals that are updated constantly, be sure to check out our Black Friday round-up, which contains all sorts of deals for the biggest shopping day of the year, including tons of additional TV deals for all price ranges.

In the Netherlands, Black Friday was seriously introduced in 2015. Some years before, there were already a number of large and small retailers that used Black Friday in their marketing. However, with a total of 35 participating stores, 2015 can be considered the year in which Black Friday started in the Netherlands due to a more widespread support of large retailers. The popularity of Black Friday has grown rapidly in the Netherlands. The number of participating stores has increased to over 125 during the Black Friday period of 2017. For the 2018 edition, 166 shops joined the largest black Friday platform in the Netherlands.

Although its overall picture quality isn't the best, it still performs well in dark rooms as it displays deep blacks, and it has decent reflection handling and peak brightness if you want to use it in a bright room. There are a few drawbacks you have to expect from a budget-friendly model, as it doesn't upscale 480p and 720p content as well as other TVs, which isn't ideal if you watch DVDs or cable TV. If that's important to you, the Samsung AU8000 is a good alternative, but it doesn't get as bright. 041b061a72


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