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Suspects: Mystery Mansion - The Online Game Where You Solve the Murder - Get the Latest Version Here

If you enjoy detective fiction or crime shows like Sherlock, then Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a must-play game for you. In this multipleplayer game, you're invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion and find the killer...... or try to kill everyone and hide until the last minute!

You are a famous detective. One day you are invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion. Before your eyes are many strange characters. You must use your masterful judgment and observation to find the real culprit hiding behind that cheerful face.

suspects mystery mansion latest version download


Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK is a role-playing game that solves the mystery of the mansion with 8 players online. Are you ready to be a great detective to find the killer? Join the game Suspects: Mystery Mansion, to find the real killer after mysterious cases.


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