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Ubuntu 130 Highly Compressed Rar File 4 LINK

Just like with the word above, the GZIP compressor uses Huffman coding algorithm to further optimize the tuples generated by the LZ77 algorithm. This results in highly compressed files with .gz extension.

Ubuntu 130 Highly Compressed Rar File 4

When you visit a website, your browser checks whether the web server has GZIP enabled by checking for the content-encoding: gzip response header. If the header exists, it retrieves the compressed files, decompresses them, and then serves the smaller files to you automatically.

Note: PageSpeed Insights relies on the response headers returned to your browser by the server. Sometimes, it may show a false warning even when you have GZIP compression enabled. It may be because of running the speed test on a machine that uses an intermediate proxy server or a security software. They may interfere with downloading compressed files from external servers.

Some third-party software that does not limit distribution is included in Ubuntu's multiverse component. The package ubuntu-restricted-extras additionally contains software that may be legally restricted, including support for MP3 and DVD playback, Microsoft TrueType core fonts, Sun's Java runtime environment, Adobe's Flash Player plugin, many common audio/video codecs, and unrar, an unarchiver for files compressed in the RAR file format.

If we try gzip -1 to get fastest compression we get the same file compressed to 320MB in 27 seconds. This gives us 37MB/sec which is a lot better but still not quite enough. Also note the serious leap in compressed file size. Though in this example we used MySQL binary log file which often contains plenty of similar events, which could be the reason for so large size difference based on compression ratio. The decompression takes about same 10 seconds which gives about 32MB/sec of archive read speed and same 100MB/sec of uncompressed data.

UPDATE: It looks like people are wondering how BZIP2 compares so I should check it before I delete this particular file. BZIP compression for this file took 298 seconds which is just 3.4 MB/sec though compressed file was just 174MB in size. Decompression took 78 sec which means compressed data was read at 2.2MB/sec and result was generated with 13 MB/sec.


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