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There was one day that Kyle knew that he could leave work earlier. Kyle felt a bit bored after working intensively the whole week, and wanted to have an ad hoc meet up with his friends for a chat and drinks after work. Unfortunately, he did not manage to get anyone he knew free for a meet up after work in such a last minute. Kyle had learnt about Capdates, and he tried to arrange a one-to-one meet up using the app about 1 hour after. Kyle managed to meet up with a guy working nearby and had a good chat that evening. Kyle found they had a similar lifestyle and shared similar values. They kept in touch with each other, and would meet up occasionally for lunch during workdays.

Anna who is single usually hangs around with her best friends from the girls’ school that she studied in. There was a day that Anna thought of meeting someone new, she found Capdates and thought it was a crazy idea, as she would not be able to chat with another Capdates user, but to go straight for arranging a meet up based on her choice of time and preference. Anna checked out the photo albums of other users, and thought she would not be able to get to know a guy who she felt was compatible with through her existing social network. She at the end gave Capdates a try, and met a guy through Capdates. Anna and the guy who she met later developed into a relationship, which was unexpected.

Johnny is busy in work as a financial planner. Most of his time is spent with his clients where he acts as a consultant in investment, and he does not have time to meet new connections for his private life. There was a day that Johnny had a three-hour break between his two work appointments and found Capdates. Johnny was browsing through, and thought of giving it a try. Johnny made an appointment to fit into his break time using Capdates Group Meeting function, where he met some new friends who had different topics to talk about. One of the new friends that Johnny met in the group was very fond of scuba diving, Johnny then tagged along with this new friend for scuba diving every weekend to develop his new hobby.

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